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 2016-2017 Bibliographical Projects:

"Development of microbial biocatalysts for consolidated bioprocessing"
Department of Biosciences, Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics - Bari University

"Camelina sativa: a new stream for the 3G plant-based chemistry?"
ITE PIVERT, Compiègnes

"What are the applications/uses of lignin both at industrial/commercial scale and at pilot/laboratory scale?"
Research group Biorefinery: chemistry and ecoprocesses, INP Pagora, Grenoble

"Reactive distillation of carboxylic acid, influence of the alcohols, temperature, …"
UCCS, Lille University

"Improving starch production and quality in plants: recent progress in understanding starch metabolism"
UGSF, Lille University

"H2O2 uses for biomass pretreatment and/or ex-biomass compounds oxidation for industry"
Solvay, Belgium